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Who we are and what is our privacy policy?

Our website address is: but can also be accessed through our other domain referrals and

Retail Outlet,
192 Lyons Lane,

Tel: 01257 233331
Fax: 01257 233331

Email Address:
NOTE: If you contact us via email, we will then store your email throughout your enquiry for contact purposes. We also use your email to send out information regarding quotations, and we may send you any promotions we are running that may be in your interest.

Trade Enquiries: 01257 233163
Company Number 39546530 – VAT number 6861167 13

Any information provided by the customer to Creative Joinery will be used solely for its intended purpose.

Cookies – Please note that we do not collect any personal data.

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What if I don’t want to accept Cookies?

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