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You are invited to read the details of our trading terms and conditions.
These conditions do not effect your statutory rights, and are designed to show commitment to our customers.

In this case made to measure products are involved.

These products are made to your specification, and cannot be used for any other purpose.
The production costs in the factory represent on average 80% of the total fitted cost.
Consequently we are obliged to require a 50% deposit with orders for made to measure units.

  1. None of these conditions will effect your statutory or common law rights.
  2. We unconditionally guarantee the product and workmanship for a period of twelve months from the date of the installation. (We cannot be held responsible for accidental damage or abuse).
  3. We will retain an interest in the product for a full five years from the date of installation. We will revisit your home at any reasonable time within the five year period. We will replace any defective door running gear mirror, or door panel, at no customer cost. We will look favourably on any other defects which may be present, and we will repair at material ‘trade supply’ cost only.
    The glass is capable of being broken.
    The running gear wheels carry a twelve year guarantee.
  4. You have ordered made to measure doors and furniture which is individual to your design. Once built it cannot be used for any other purpose, and will attract payment in full.
  5. Creative Joinery (Chorley) Ltd will supply and fit the merchandise in accordance with the written estimate and specification at the price quoted.
  6. Any changes which you may wish to make in the written design and specification should be agreed before you confirm your order.
  7. The product will be built using construction methods which are applicable to good practice within the industry. If the customer has any specific build specifications, we should be notified in writing prior to manufacture. It is to late after the event.
  8. Some shade differences in the material board colours are inevitable, and beyond our control.
  9. The building of fitted furniture in your home should be completed within one day. It is however a major construction task which will involve some disturbance. Of necessity, materials will have to be fastened onto existing decorated walls/carpets etc., and some surface reclamation work may be required.
  10. Reasonable care will be taken whilst employees of Creative Joinery are working in your premises, but minor surface reclamation work as at (9) above is inevitably incurred, and rectification is NOT the responsibility of this Company. We do not remove existing rubbish or wardrobes.
  11. Electrical work means the fitting of the lighting units/power plugs etc. The wiring of such items is the responsibility of the customers own qualified electrician. Mains electricity is dangerous.
  12. Creative Joinery is fully insured for both product and employee liability whilst working in you home. This Certificate is available for viewing at the registered office at any reasonable time.
  13. Your payment of the deposit secures your approval to pay the full estimated price ON THE FITTING DAY WHEN THE WORK IS COMPLETED.
  14. We do not dispose of existing wardrobes/furniture. This is normally a Local Authority Service.
  15. The goods remain the property of Creative Joinery (Chorley) Ltd until paid for in full.



a) Please read and understand the written specification. What you see is what you get.

b) If you wish to make any changes these need to be made before the deposit is paid.

c) Item 7 of the above conditions states that Creative Joinery will build and fit the furniture using our construction methods. Any specific instructions to the contrary are necessary prior to the build stage.

Creative Joinery (Chorley) Ltd. Company Registration Number 39546